1) Open PoTATo is software (=platform) that can utilize various tools for fNIRS data analysis provided by AIST(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) in an integrated manner. It has various functions such as data reading from various models, signal preprocessing, statistical analysis, and visualization. It can be used by beginners to experts.
(Excerpt from the https://github.com/hkwgc/open-potato )
2) To use the data measured by our OEG series with Open PoTATo, first download Open PoTATo itself according to the description on the following site.
3) Next, please download the reading plug-in for our device from the following.
Reading plug-in for OEG-16 series (OEG-16, OEG-SpO2, OEG-16H)
Reading plug-in for OEG-17 series (OEG-17APD, OEG-17ME, OEG-17H)
4) After downloading, follow the instructions on the site below to install the import plugin into Open PoTATo.
5) To Open PoTATo, wavelength data is used instead of hemoglobin change data. Wavelength data is stored for each subject in the DATA folder in the holder where each application software of our OEG series is installed.

Example by OEG-16
open PoTATo