(1) Small-sized Main unit (about half the size of a notebook PC), suitable also for mobile measurement.
(2) Dedicated design for use on the frontal lobe.
(3) Adoption of spread spectrum modulation in the latest light modulation technology.
(4) 6 light-emitting points, 6 light-receiving points, and 16 measurement points/channels.
(5) Event-related designs and block designs are available.
(6) Synchronous operation with other measurement device (TTL level input) such as triggers.
(7) Event signal input from an external device such as stimulus presentation PC (TTL level), or by manually inserted input.
(8) Signal bandwidth of oxyhemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin: 0.76Hz (0.65sec sampling time).
(9) Real-time measurement and display with PC connected via USB port.
(10) Operation with AC input, or battery.
(11) Operation with battery only for up to 1 hour for mobile measurement.
(12) Continuous operation with AC power input for up to 10 hours.
(13) Carrying bag for mobile measurement (detachable).
(14) Simultaneous measurement by multiple units (hyper-scanning) to record multiple subjects. Up to 5 units with the optional Distributor are available.