Spectratech OEG-16-01 Head module
1) Light injection part : 6 units installed
LED with two built-in wave lengths (Wave length 1: 840nm Wave length2: 770nm)
2) Optical light-receiving part : 6 units installed
Si PIN photo diode
3) Number of simultaneous measurement channels : 16 channels
4) Distance between light injection part and optical light-receiving part : 3cm

Spectratech OEG-16 Main unit
1) Measuring method of biological signal
Based on the modified Beer-Lambert Law
Measurements of ΔCoxyHb, ΔCdeoxyHb, ΔCtotalHb
2) Optical multi-modulation method
Modulation method: Spread spectrum modulation DS (Direct Sequence) method Note 1
PN CODE: M-sequence code
Effective bandwidth of biological signal: 0.76Hz (Sampling interval: 0.65 seconds)
3) Event input function
It is possible to input manually at an appropriate time using the accessory box for manual event trigger input.
4) External trigger input function
For the ganged operation with external device, it equips two systems of  "External trigger input block" that is isolated optically.
5) Measurement time
(1) AC power supply Continuous measurement for up to about 10 hours
(2) Battery operation Continuous measurement for up to about 1 hour
6) PC-connected operation
Connecting a PC with USB port by the attached USB cable, and installing Windows and the attached Install software (CD) on the PC, it is possible to output various commands from the PC, and to send the measurement data to the PC for recording or displaying them.
7) Batteries (Not included with shipment)
For main part of Main unit : 4 x AA battery (Continuous operation for about 1 hour)
For photo isolation : 2 x AA battery (Continuous operation for about 6 months)
For internal clock : CR2032 Lithium battery (Continuous operation for about 3~5 years)

Note 1:
The DS (Direct Sequence) method is one of the spread spectrum signal generation methods, called direct diffusion method as well, and modulates by using the random number that is called spread code sequence (PN sequence).


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