Connection condition for external devices

In general, Spectratech OEG-16H receives a trigger signal of an external device for a simultaneous measurement, for example and starts a measurement synchronous with the external device (EXT-EVENT-IN1). If the measurement is a block design measurement (after-mentioned), for example, Spectratech OEG-16H automatically receives the event start information at the starting point of speech stimulation by a speech stimulus presentation device, and the event (EXT-EVENT-IN2) is captured. In addition, the following connection condition is provided, for example when an event that a measurer wanted to mark occurred the measurer occasionally pushes the switch (Spectratech OEG-16-05 Box for manual event trigger input) in hand to input the event (At this time, Main unit informs the measurer that it was confirmed to have accepted the event by blinking the LED of the switch in hand.), and uses it when processing the measurement data afterwards.

Connection with external devices