(1) It is possible to measure hemoglobin change and apparent arterial oxygen saturation in a brain localization simultaneously at multiple points.
(2) The head module is as very light as about 250g. It does not make examinees tired so easily even for a long-time measurement.
(3) The main unit is as small as about a half of notebook PC, and easy to move it when measuring.
(4) Specially designed to be used on the frontal lobe.
(5) The spread spectrum modulation method, that is the latest light modulation technique is adopted.
(6) It equips 6 light injection points, 6 optical light-receiving points, and 16-channel measure points.
(7) Event-related measurement, and block design measurement are possible.
(8) Synchronized operation with other measurement equipments (TTL input) is possible.
(9) Event input can be input from external device, network, or by manual operation.
(10) Effective bandwidth of biological signal is prepared for two kinds of 6.1 Hz (Fast Mode) and 0.76 Hz (Fine Mode).
(11) It is connected with PC via USB port. When measured using PC connected, real-time measurements are displayed.
(12) It operates with AC input or the battery (6 x AA battery).
(13) It can continuously measure only with the battery for up to one hour while measuring where no AC power supply is available during moving, or outdoors.
(14) With AC power supply, it can measure continuously for up to ten hours (Fine Mode).
(15) Wearable bag is provided for mobile measurement (detachable).
(16) Multiple, simultaneous measurements is possible for up to five equipments with the optional distributor (Hyper-Scanning).