For the Whole-head
Model: Spectratech OEG-17H


 This equipment is the Functional NIRS equipment, of which purpose is to measure the change in blood amount in each part in the not-so-deep in vivo part at the same time in a multichannel method utilizing the light absorption characteristics in the vicinity of near infrared to red light where the in vivo hemoglobin (Hb) changes by its oxygen bonding state. The spread spectrum modulation system, which is one of the latest digital technologies, we originally developed is adopted as the light modulation/ demodulation technology which forms the basis of this equipment. It has achieved the further high performance, downsizing, and cost reduction compared with the former technologies.

Note: This equipment is exclusively for the research purpose, so please do not use for any other purposes.

OEG-17H Front

OEG-17H Rear

47 CFR Part 15 Subpart B